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You're NEVER Too Old...

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You're never too old (or young for that matter), to give it a shot. Try EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you can to make this your BEST LIFE....remember, you've only got one life to live, so live it well.

I just wanted to share a few words for motivation this fabulous Saturday morning. These are words to live by, to attack the day with, to remember when you're 'feeling the burn' and feeling defeated or facing adversity. Remember you're worthy, everyone struggles with self worth. They tell themselves, I'm too old, or even I'm too young. I'm not good enough, strong enough. I'm not an athlete or a champion, so I can't do this...these are all lies. Face your fears, get out there and give yourself a chance. Prove yourself wrong.

Because RESENTMENT is a billion times worse than FAILURE. -N.Krul, Creator,


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